Melanie Jane Nicolas

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Melanie Jane Nicolas is an accomplished author and expert on small business growth strategies and tactics. She is a highly in-demand speaker, who has appeared on stages, radio, television and online for audiences in the thousands around the world.She has an uncanny ability to connect with small business owners, entrepreneurs and sales professionals from all walks of life and in all stages of business – from startup to multi-million dollar success. Hosts and audiences alike rave about how well Melanie Jane prepares for each engagement, how she customizes her presentation for each different group she speaks to and how much she truly cares about each and every member of her audience.

Melanie Jane has built several multi-million dollar businesses from scratch over the past two decades, and loves to help others do the same. She is well-known for being committed to the success of the host, the event and each and every attendee whenever and wherever she presents.

If you have a group of small business owners, entrepreneurs or sales professionals, they’ll thank you for bringing Melanie Jane to inspire, instruct and encourage them.

To inquire about having Melanie Jane speak to your group online or off, call 877-594-2543, fax 630-246-4717 or email

Book Melanie Jane Nicolas and Make Your Next Event Unforgettable!

Out of the thousands of speakers to choose from for your next event, there is only one with the experience, insight, charm, and warmth of Melanie Jane Nicolas. Leading the way for women entrepreneurs, her mission and message speak to all kinds of audiences on a grand scale.

Melanie Jane is available for speaking engagements for corporations, associations, public seminars and events, and industry-specific trainings.

Presentations That Educate, Inspire Action, and Rock the House

Through her dynamic presentations, Melanie Jane draws on her personal experiences and excellence to share with audiences those essential elements that comprise her vision of entrepreneurial success, leadership, vision, fun, and life.

As an accomplished CEO, an acclaimed coach, a gifted communicator, and a nationally recognized philanthropist, Melanie Jane brings enormous enthusiasm, insight, and energy to her presentations. In the years that she has been a speaker and consultant, she has delivered powerful messages to thousands of people all over the world, from entrepreneurs to corporate professionals to nonprofits and women’s groups.

In every talk, Melanie Jane draws upon her business, personal wisdom and know-how combined with industry facts and information to help your audience both emotionally identify with the intended message and rationalize the need to alter behaviors, modify strategies, or feel transformed.

To inquire about Melanie Jane speaking at your next event, please contact Devashri Nagarkar on Team Melanie Jane at or 877-594-2543.