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What usually happens when you give your child money? If you’re like a majority of parents, your answer is something like: They Spend All of It and Don’t Save a Dime OR It’s Gone So Fast   I know it seems like they always have their hand out asking for the latest toys and gadgets. Wiis, iPods, iPads, and Kindles just to name a few.   Yes you want to […]

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WOW Your Kids! I am currently in the Philippines with my kids and we have enjoyed our vacation here. Because the cost of living is so low, my mom has hired 2 nannies to take care of my kids. I allow them to do the laundry, cook and help them get ready in the morning, but my kids are disciplined to not be spoon-fed. I cringe when I see kids […]

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This weekend was a wonderful experience for my daughter Jardel and me. We attended the Millionaire Business Bootcamp here in Chicago. It was Jardel’s first entrepreneurial event where she learned with mommy for 3 full days, and she was so excited! Not only did she get to sell and autograph her books, be interviewed on stage, and take a picture with my mentor Raymond Aaron, James Lafferty (CEO of Proctor […]

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