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About Melanie Jane

One of the most exciting and sought-out speakers in North America, Melanie Jane Nicolas has committed her life to teaching children, their parents, and small business owners to utilize her proven wealth-creation systems to raise wealthy individuals and create the first financially responsible generation. Melanie Jane Nicolas is the founder and CEO of Kids Wealth International Club. As America’s Leading Authority in Raising Wealthy Kids, she empowers children to live a healthier financial future by helping kids get rich in a fun way. She is the author of several books and is the best-selling author of Raising Wealthy Kids: 7 Steps For Creating the First Financially Responsible Generation. Melanie Jane’s highly innovative techniques and strategies show how to raise our children to be future leaders. Renowned for her passion for and total commitment to the children, parents, and small business owners she teaches, Melanie Jane seizes every opportunity to demonstrate the power of her teachings, teachings she herself lives by with her four children each and every day. These are the same wealth principles taught to thousands of children who are living happy, healthy and wealthy lives. Melanie Jane is now living her life purpose of being a great servant of God, a wonderful mother and a passionate mentor.

But it wasn’t always this way…

Born into a middle class family in Chicago, IL Melanie Jane with her brother lived with parents who taught them that getting a good education and a secure job is the secret to success. Her parents made many sacrifices, including sending her to the Philippines to be raised by an 18 year old nanny so that they can work 2 jobs here in the United States without the hassle of finding a babysitter. When she was 7 years old, she returned to the United States.

After spending some time with entrepreneurs during her adolescent years, Melanie Jane realized at the age of 13 that she wanted to be an entrepreneur. She had a passion for children as well, taking numerous babysitting jobs and aspired to what she thought she wanted to be, a pediatrician. Her experience growing up greatly influenced who she is today. Her mom was a nurse, working long hours, and her dad was an engineer, who later built a construction company.

With a passion to help people, Melanie Jane graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing in 1998 and worked as an Operating Room nurse at Lutheran General Hospital and Swedish Covenant Hospital, specializing in orthopedic and neurologic surgeries. With her leadership skills, she also took on the role of the charge nurse, which involves collaboratively working with surgeons and anesthesiologists to efficiently and effectively optimize the care of all the patients undergoing surgery. After working for seven years, Melanie Jane retired and bought New Beginning General Homecare Services with some partners.

While working as a registered nurse, Melanie Jane also retained her real estate license in 1999 and bought her first property at the age of 22. She worked side by side with her father who was a general contractor, where she became an expert in real estate. Since then, Melanie Jane has owned and invested in over 100 properties with a team and helped many families with their real estate needs.

Melanie Jane has 2 passions in life: children and entrepreneurship. She has 4 beautiful children. Her challenge with becoming an entrepreneur is that growing up she never had the mentors she needed to have that success mindset. She watched her parents go through the financial roller coaster ride, living in a millionaire dollar home one year, and then filing bankruptcy the next. Until one day, her dad suffered a heart attack that nearly killed him because of the stress of money. It was then when she sought out mentors in finance and business to teach her the rules of the money game and win. And because of her love for children, she founded Kids Wealth International Club, Helping Your Kids Get Rich in a Fun Way. Although it was rewarding teaching kids wealth principles such as Pay Yourself Frist and Save Early Save Often, she quickly found that when the kids would go back home to their parents, the parents would undo all the wealth beliefs and habits because they didn’t know how to support them. That’s when she and her team at World of Wealth Group started educating families as well. Within a year, she grew her team of over 30 licensed associates, educating families to save, invest, retire and protect their financial foundation and become financially free so that they can live the lifestyle of their dreams. Here, Melanie Jane continues to educate the systems of building a profitable business and become an entrepreneur.

Melanie Jane is a strong believer in continuous growth and contributing to the world. Because of this, she has trained with many millionaire mentors and continues a process of unending self-education which has distinguished her as an authority in empowering young entrepreneurs as she continues to share her knowledge and expertise. With this, Melanie Jane became the pioneer leader of the Young Entrepreneur Society Mastermind Forum Chapter in Park Ridge and Naperville IL where she helps other entrepreneurs discover the information that she has learned to add value into their lives. She is also very involved in her community, volunteering her time and knowledge as the Treasurer of the Naperville Safety Town Commission and teaching kids at schools through the Savvy Business Kids Program. Melanie Jane feels so blessed with an awesome life. She loves her children and thanks God for His most precious gifts every day. Because of her four children, her passion is children…to inspire and empower them with an abundant mindset that they can make a positive impact in this world. She strives to adopt at least 100 kids from all over the world through projects such as Partners International. She also founded APPEAR™ – The Association of Proud Parents Educating About Riches so that she can educate parents around the world on how to provide their children a life of abundant wealth in values of Faith, Family, Fitness, Finance, and Fun. Her foundation donated over $300K to charities serving children who are in need, such as St. Jude’s Cancer Research Society and Feed My Starving Children.

Melanie Jane runs a small number of elite coaching and mastermind groups for serious individuals who want to accelerate their success in the shortest time possible, and holds regular teleseminars, webinars and live workshops to help beginning marketers start to grasp her innovative and highly-effective concepts. She also provides one-on-one coaching and done-for-you services for small business owners who want to use direct response marketing to dramatically improve their income and lifestyle.

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“You are such an inspiration! Your KWIC vision is exactly what the children of today need. Your program gives them the direction to take ownership of their financial future. When someone as young as 8 or 9 years of age understands the 5 rules of money and is able to get a grasp at such a young age of what money can and cannot do for you…this is crucial. I applaud your work. I wish I could have given my 3 grown children this foundation. I’ll be sure to give it to my grandchildren.

– CJ Lydon
Insurance Agent, Naperville, IL

“Melanie Jane is truly a Mompreneur. I have been personally involved with her in several successful ventures and have watched her spearhead many more over the years. Her savvy and wealth of knowledge is immeasurable.”

– Louis Lautman
Founder of Young Entrepreneur Society and Supreme Outsourcing

“Unfortunately, I wasn’t taught much about money growing up and I’ve had to learn some things the hard way. By teaching children how to make, manage, and multiply their money early, they can avoid the pitfalls many of us are facing today. Melanie Jane gives them these financial tools in a fun, creative way. The sooner, the better! They won’t have to ‘unlearn’ bad habits and mindsets like so many of us.”

– Kelli Thompson
Founder of Naperville Moms Network